"nononononoo!! i dont wanna grow old!!"

I'm HalfneCross, otherwise known as DustBunny or Mrs_Yandere
IMPORTANT: 18+ accounts please dont interact with me or i WILL BLOCK YOU!, i have stated it numerous times before

I am a minor, female and a confused bisexual. I also happen to be a self taught artist!

My artstyle is very doodle-ish and anime esc

What you should know about me.

Things i am against:
lolicons/loli in general
and anything else under the sun.

If you are an adult that simply enjoys my art, or would like to request art do not be afraid to follow me.

Do not go into my dms and vent or be playful towards me if you are a complete stranger, this makes me uncomfortable.
If we are mutuals and we comment on each others posts regularly you are free to do so.
a list of my triggers is as follows.

-jojos bizzare adventure
-bendy from batim
-the phrase "please don't ignore me"
-trashbin motel (Hazbin hotel)
-the name James
-the name jay
-phones vibrating or just any vibrating noises of the sort
-purple demons
-a raised hand
-any mentions of school or guidance teachers
-mentions of nanas/nanies
-mentions of the name "pika"
-tall ginger guys with glasses <////3
-l#licon/sh#tacon or any positivity towards sexualising minors in any sort of media at all
-the word l#li
-characters in swimsuits
-gore [anything to do with irl gore mostly, im ok wirh fictional gore as i know noody was actually hurt.]
-any sort of mention to vore or inflation fetishes
-causing others to worry about my wellbeing
-people forcing their venting on me when im not up to par with doing much
-dave miller x henry miller [dsaf]
-dave miller x dee kennedy [dsaf]

comfort characters/songs/things in general!!

>otomachi una [vocaloid]
>kiritan tohoku [UTAU]
>gekiyaku [UTAU kuru2kaze]
>GUMI [vocaloid]
>genka ofu [UTAU komi]
>kaai yuki [vocaloid]
>puppet [fnaf]
>mew [pokemon]
>snivy [pokemon]
>springtrap [FNAF]
>my bird ;v;
>Encore by Akali/RINGO
>True Character by Akali/RINGO

Fandoms im in !!

  • FNAF

  • DSAF [Mainly atm]


  • SGT Keroro/Keroro Gunsou